3 “how to” about the weighted blanket 2019

How to care weighted blanket 2019?

How to care
How to care weighted blanket 2019?

Buying a weighted blanket 2019 is an investment, so you want it to last as long as possible. This means taking some time to take care of it properly.

  • Use a cover-Protect it from unnecessary wear and tear.
  • Inner blanket-Machine wash or hand wash and air dry in a gentle cycle.
  • Drying-Air dry.

Fastest way to air-dry

  1. Flip it regularly.
  2. Dry it on the clothesline, the door or shower rod is the fastest.
  3. If you have electric fans, turn them on to blow air through the blanket.

Weighted blanket,how to wash?

How to Wash?
How to Wash weighted blanket 2019

It’s easy to buy a weighted blanket that suits your sleep needs, but cleaning aggravated blankets is a bit more complicated.

1.Blankets over 20 pounds should be taken to the laundry for damage to the washing machine.

2.In order to reduce the number of washings, it is recommended to use detachable.

3.No,fabric softeners and bleaches?

4.It is not recommended to hang a weighted blanket at one end as it will put pressure on its seams.

How to Store ?

How to Store
How to Store weighted blanket 2019

Weighted blankets 2019 bring benefits to our lives, but they are not always easy to store.Because they are bulky and heavy.You like your weighting blanket, but what do you put when you don’t use it?

Weighted blanket storage idea

1.A Rolling Storage:Look for a cushion or footstool that is big enough to hold the blanket and reinforce the bottom to make sure it can withstand the weight of the blanket.
2.Decorative bag:Large canvas bags are ideal for storing bulky items, including weighted blankets.Put the bag in a corner or wall and call it a decoration. No one knows that it has your favorite sleep tool. When using a blanket, you can fold the bag and stuff it into the drawer.
3.Under the bed storage bag:It’s close to your number one sleep point.
4.Bottom drawer of the dresser : A dressing table with a large drawer should be strong enough to hold the blanket and it will be safely hidden the next time it is needed.
5.Sofa with built-in storage : A sofa with a storage base may have enough space to accommodate the largest weighted blanket.
6.The Bottom Shelf : Looking for bookshelves or cabinets with large chassis that can hold blankets

Weighted Blankets vs. Comforters

What is ?

Name Detailed introduction Pros Cons
Comforters The Comforters is a bedding that is sewn together with the fabric and filled with another material to make it soft and comfortable.The main purpose of the quilt is to provide warmth to the user. The Comforters is mainly used as an insulator to keep it warm during cold weather. This is good.Hard to clean,Relatively cheap
Weighted blanketWeighted blankets are like your normal sleeping blanket, but heavier.They are designed to give you a “hug” effect when you use them. Weighted blanket Help sleep Hard to clean,More expensive

The main difference is their use:

Weighted blankets can be used for medical purposes, but the quilt provides comfort only to the user.

Weighted blankets are more beneficial than Comforters.

From the table, it is more versatile and beneficial.

They can be classified as medical devices because they can induce the release of neurotransmitters (such as endorphins and serotonin) against stress, while the quilts only help the user to keep warm.

Getting a good weighted blanket

Although each price budget has a weighted blanket, you must be careful not to sacrifice quality to reduce costs.YnM cost $69.90,$103.00.From mageblanket.com.