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No snow this year. But the cold, many cold. I take the jacket during a particularly trying ‘Canada Goose Parkas’ filming. This day where the wind blows so hard and cold that it will force me to make a u-turn before the Summit. Under the Goose jacket, canada goose black friday, it is good and warm. The role of wind is effective. Only this huge hood in which the wind blows as in a windsock gives me of trouble to properly set. Once this done more carefree.Timber Jacket – Women’s, The heat is even very quickly inside but breathability is excellent. A first test satisfactory albeit largely incomplete.

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April 2015. First “downpour” for Canada Goose at the peak of the Eagle, ravaged the space a few minutes by a downpour. I back all closures and am facing outdoors. The saucee is severe but fast. As soon as the Sun returns I open the jacket to see without surprise that everything is dry inside. Heatherton Down Parka – Women’s, The test was brief but successful. Now he must find a way to put this Arc-Teryx in prolonged difficult conditions… But when? and where?

A shoot of eight days of “Canada Goose Parkas” at the invitation of I-trekking on the Tour of the Lakes of Auvergne will grant my wishes. Though even I would have preferred for my personal images benefit from better weather, Snow Mantra Parka – Women’s, I am pleased to have had the Canada Goose in the bottom of the backpack to confront these memorable days in the land of the Saint-NECTAIRE…

After playing hide and seek with us during the first six days, the big weather falls on the seventh. To program a full day under a light first rain then which strengthens at midday to hearty become followed, the next day of the ascension of the Puy de Sancy in absolutely appalling conditions: roads flooded, soggy nature, violent gusts of wind and rain. The conditions are there, canada goose sale online, finally!


During the March, the jacket keeps all its promises: lightness and comfort. This time I have learned to adjust my hood and it annoys me more. Fortunately it is same! I also slipped the camcorder and mobile phone in the Pocket zipped whose capacity amazes me. Much more than I thought at first glance. Resolute Parka – Women’s, canada goose jackets wholesale, The cold still does not pass. Or just during the lunch break. But I attributed the fault more to this t-shirt to the technical past gone for a long time that I use in first layer rather than to the vest, Polar Bears International Expedition Down Parka – Men’s, absolutely not humid indoors despite the effort extended the market.


I observe the rain coat in the surface of the membrane. The micro-coutures, rolled edges and the zipper adapted leave absolutely nothing pass. Even after two intense days, the Canada Goose holds the high sugar plum in the bad weather. It cannot be said of the pants… Inside zipped pocket, moisture brought from outside by the devices ended by creating a climate conducive to condensation. Expedition Down Parka – Men’s, I have to remove and leave the open pocket to evacuate the whole. For the rest, once the jacket again at the shelter, all dries extremely quickly, ready to protect the Walker again. The high quality you are told! You’ll never fear to face the rain with a jacket of this ilk!

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