Miu Miu 2015 at Paris fashion week

“Enjoy the pleasure is our main responsibility,” Sigue Sigue Sputnik, or in response to the Sputnik group whose first album Flaunt It (1986) a false advertising claim. Album ad, there are some real advertising, such as I-d magazine (“was once thought to be the most pretentious journal in the world, and is regarded as the best”), advertising, France l ‘ St-St-Studio (“enduring stereotypes and bold styling. Make you look good “) advertising. In today Miu Miu fashion show site noisy of Talking Heads (biography sound avatar, a support United Kingdom band) background sound in the, many is famous of songs in the (“Once in a, Lifetime”, and “Memories Can’t Wait”, and “Burning Down the House” and so on) are doping has some advertising, all these are into Miuccia Prada scenes Grand, and user first of latest clothing show series in the, To bring a unique atmosphere.
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If, the music sounds a bit after the architectural style and modern style, Yes, it’s true; but at the same time, the music was wonderful, fun, like Miu Miu’s latest fashion, the music people can not help but have doubts on the intent of this season. Design of Prada, often as the customer expects a drop of poison on the candy, of course, this costume even more attractive.

“Intuition? I like the word, “Miuccia Prada said after the show is over. Indeed, as with many well-known designers, she is to follow intuition, performance on the today show, is to mimic the animal costume. “I want to show in a very straightforward way before all this, but it seems not very compassionate, intuition is often wrong. Mutations in my designs inspired by Prada ostrich genetic change-create a new species. “Here, the 50 ‘s, 60 ‘s, 70 ‘s, 80 ‘s, 90 ‘s, and now has been completely mixed together, but when the styles of clothing during the 80 ‘s new wave appears, the crowd goes crazy. If the clothing appeared at the time, members of the Talking Heads Tina Weymouth will wear loose-fitting curtain coat, oversized flower jewelry, Star sequins, stepping high heels in a warm conversation with Princess Diana. Under those dressed up in the design, is likely to be a mess, but the Prada people showed the perfect postmodern.

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