Weighted blankets uk – The Stress and Anxiety Buster

“Sleep” Can you sleep better with weighted blanket?

The stress and anxiety buster – weighted blankets uk. An interesting experiment was analyzed: Swedish researchers wanted to explore whether will a weighted blanket help insomnia.

  • The experimental blankets are common blankets available on the market. They use a metal chain to evenly weight the blankets in order to make people feel constant pressure. These blankets are not thick and can’t be kept warm, just heavier, with three different weights of 6kg, 8kg and 10kg.
  • Which one to use, let the subjects choose whatever they want. Participants were plagued by chronic insomnia, including 20 women and 11 men.
  • The study was conducted in the normal sleep environment of the subjects, normal in the first week, followed by blankets falling asleep for two weeks, and finally a week of sleep without blankets.

As a result, the sleep duration of the subject significantly increased by using the Weighted Blanket. In addition, because of the presence of the blanket, the movement at night is reduced. In the last week, compared to the middle two weeks, sleep time decreased and the frequency of activity increased. For 20 participants who liked to use blankets, they said that nighttime sleepiness decreased, total sleep time increased, and the use of 25 lb weighted blanket improved their sleep quality.

Does weighted blanket help you sleep?It is concluded that the weighting blanket can effectively improve the quality and quantity of sleep in patients with mild to moderate insomnia. The researchers speculate that the reason is that the weighted blanket gives a comfortable feeling of sleeping in the “squat”, and the uniform force of the body can reduce physical arousal and help to relax into sleep.

Weighted blanket helps to relieve stress

Really? Listening to friends said that the weighted blanket helps to relieve stress?

Reduce stress and relieve anxiety. The effect of weighted blanket is to reduce cortisol levels and increase serotonin production, thereby reducing heart rate and blood pressure. Scientific research shows that 78% of participants said through the post-use survey that the weighted blanket did help them reduce their perception of anxiety.

Lying on the bed and falling asleep

With the accelerated pace of modern life, excessive stress has caused insomnia to be the daily routine of many people. According to a data survey conducted by the World Health Organization in late March this year, about 27% of people worldwide have sleep disorders.

Sleeping pills
Sleeping pills / insomnia

For example, sleeping pills are a typical example. You can finally fall asleep safely, but soon you will find that you are still groggy the next day, for a long time.

In fact, sleeping pills can cause great damage to your central nervous system, and they are addictive and drug dependent. Some elderly people will have confusion and lack of sense of direction after taking long-term sleeping pills for a long time. There may be short-term temporary amnesia.

There are still many people who will assist in exercise, soothe music, or read a book. The effect may vary from person to person. What modern ways to improve the sleep?

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