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This is one time that the Down jacket ‘ Canada Goose Down Parka equipped with the last membrane Active Shell of Gore – Tex was waiting its moment of glory to be tested. Camp Down Coat – Women’s, After several outputs winter in the Dévoluy to test its resistance to the cold and the wind, authentic canada goose jackets, it is in the Montagne Noire around Carcassonne and especially in Auvergne, on the occasion of a report on the GR30, that I can put it in a particularly bad weather condition. After continuous downpours on the penultimate day of market, Dawson Down Parka – Women’s, the Sancy mountain gave me the complete directory of dirty time to determine that this jacket was really in the belly. Strong wind, Canyon Shell Jacket – Women’s, temperature in free fall and icy rain: it was gone for the test with a big T!

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First and foremost it is light! Even very light! Only 318 grams in size M. Canada Goose announced color: a product for racing in mountain mode “fast and” light, i.e. fast and lightweight. Speaking of color, mine is yellow. Finally lemon according to the manufacturer. A good tint in the spirit mountain, canada goose jackets for sale, it is sure to locate far if something goes wrong… At the beginning it may shock but you end up to be, Shelburne Down Parka – Women’s, or even appreciate. The problem is that it gets dirty very quickly. I checked out it during a test a little off topic… change a tire in a downpour. Conclusion: Gortex does not mix with the mechanics but protects well water!


I return to my first impressions. Passage of the jacket at home. To see. From the first seconds, the cutting Canada Goose is felt: it is ultra comfortable! The word lightness returns float lips very quickly. I have the impression to have nothing on the back and yet what a feeling! The finish is exemplary: Hybridge Lite Down Jacket – Women’s, articulated elbows, anatomical shape, a 3D structure known as ergonomic promoting mobility and comfort. No doubt, canada goose sale shop, we have here a product of quality and technology. At the level of the wrists clamping is automatic with a velcro Strip. Solaris Down Parka – Women’s, It’s accurate and it limits the sensation of floating of clothing for people, cheap canada goose jackets, like me, who have very thin wrists.

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The hood is huge! I would put two heads like mine! It must be said that the square is planned for wearing a helmet. Otherwise the head stays away: a front zip that rises above the Chin, cords of clamping part and another, and another behind the head. Side storage, Camp Down Hooded Jacket – Women’s, I note a single average capacity zipped chest pocket. A little perhaps but a choice probably dictated by the weight and the search for the total eradication of the permeable areas, Canada Goose Jackets Sale, Victoria Down Jacket – Women’s… Finally note the strengthening of the areas of wear at the level of the hips and shoulders. At first sight this Canada Goose Down Parka seems a formidable weapon against bad weather… Row in its compression bag, she holds in hand. Surprising!

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